What Is OnlineHR?

OnlineHR carries more meanings. In the first instance, OnlineHR defines our attitude to our idea how the contemporary HR marketing should be done. I.e., how to exploit social media, how to correctly set up your web sites, how to correctly write an advertisement and evaluate all steps. In the second instance, OnlineHR is a group of experts, specializing in HR marketing. We train, hold consultations, organize workshops, run outsourced HR marketing services to companies.

If you are interested in HR marketing, you are in the right place at the right time.

HR Marketing. What Is It?

We understand HR marketing as activities which an employer should do to successfully build a strong brand to be introduced to his prospective as well as existing employees. HR marketing makes recruitment easier, reduces employee turnover and helps companies to overcome their problem with low unemployment-rate.

We advise how to develop HR recruiting strategy, how to implement and measure framed policy – measurement is of the utmost importance.

How to Evaluate HR Marketing?

Good question????

Let’s start with the fact that each activity, in which the company invests its cash funds, should be evaluated. If not, the company just wastes its money, and nobody knows on what exactly. We combat such phenomenon a little. In our OnlineHR training, we primarily analyze your recruitment expenses, assess results of the individual activities; subsequently, we discuss how much money has been spent and overall benefits. What do we measure?

CPR (Cost-Per-Resume) and CPH (Cost-Per-Hire)

CPR tells us how much money has been spent on a qualified resume. Let us say that CZK 20,000 on totally 40 CVs received (however, do not include irrelevant responses, you will be able to better identify resources brining-in people you do not want to address). Price of one applicable CV amounts to CZK 500.

CPH is a long-term metrics, measuring how the statistics of recruitment campaigns have improved. Let’s assume that totally CZK 60,000 have been invested in one particular month in recruitment campaigns (for example, for 5 job positions) and 3 job candidates have been selected. CPH metrics informs us that the price of one hired employee is CZK 20,000.

We evaluate CPR and CPH metrics monthly and give you feedback which source or job portal (Facebook, Google, Startupjobs.cz, Winwinjob.cz etc.) has been the most successful one. Our future strategy is revised accordingly.

If you are interested in more detail, see our blog “HR Campaign Evaluation”.

P.S: The above-mentioned data are true.

Our lectures and workshops, organized at our clients

A Case Study

In 20 days, we received 35 relevant curriculum vitae resumes applying for a highly specialized job position with the total costs of only CZK 8,000. We could choose from highly qualified job candidates. Would you like to know how we did it?

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