Your Dream Candidate Does Not Exist. Stop Searching!


Very often, I am confronted with the situation that company owners seek for multi-purpose staff. HR departments must somehow learn to cope with such a . Usually, this “universality” affects marketing jobs, i.e., company directors try to bring in a specialist on various marketing activities. Just recently, my client told me not to be able to hire a suitable person for marketing for a very long period. His idée fixe: “I want somebody who will write social media content (FB and IG), will draft Google and Seznam advertisements, will distribute newsletters, will write blog posts and will spread the on the web site (writing them by himself/herself). He/she should be graphically skilled to create professional-level banner designs and he/she could also produce leaflets for our stores at the same time. Will also organize events and run workshops which I hold once a month.”. Quite a leading role which, in my opinion, can not be played excellently for one hundred percent at all levels and in all aspects.

I was pretty straightforward and told him quite openly to completely forget to be able to find such a person, who would understand all these activities at least at the satisfactory level (grade “three”) as:

  1. the company would have to pay quite a lot of money (the boss does not want to hire a person who would have to learn everything from the outset);
  2. it is also a matter of time scheduling: if such a person – universal – should be involved in all these activities, one full-time job would not be enough;
  3. most probably, this person will not be able to continue his/her intense education in all areas and catch up on the news; sooner or later, his/her knowledge will start to stagnate, and he/she will bring less benefit to the company (under identical or increased costs). Education is vitally important in online marketing. If you are not growing forward, you are falling behind. To put it simply, you will not do your work properly.


This is not the right way. The client has two options available. Either the client accepts the fact that he might find such a person, but designated activities will not be carried-out 100% or the person will do a good job, but in fewer activities (he/she will specialize), i.e., another employee will be needed.How is it possible that the company owner comes up with such an unrealistic idea? I finally got the message when discussing demands which each individual activity would generate! Only somebody, who has absolutely no idea what the staff would do, may formulate such an assignment. The senior only knows that such a position should exist. This is specifically the reason why he/she – incorrectly – believes to find a suitable job candidate for CZK 27,000 gross salary.

How did we solve it? I offered my client to outsource all these activities (except for event organization) from our agency. We will create banners, take care of social media and launch advertising campaigns. We will set the bar high in all marketing activities. In simple terms, we will “supply” such a new person through our agency. Including participation in internal meetings, reporting etc.

The positive aspect is an immediate start (no time necessary for recruitment and training). Moreover, the client will pay the same price, or even less, as compared to the expenses of the new employee. After three months, we will evaluate mutual cooperation; either we will continue, or we will start to search for a job candidate, whom we will train in all activities with clearly defined quality level.