Where to Start with HR Marketing – Manual

How to Get Started in Social Media and Online Marketing for Recruitment?

Our bread and butter. A topic, which hardly any recruiter fully understands. However, this is easily comprehensible – it is rather an issue to be tackled by marketers; in our company, several people are involved. On the other hand, social media and online recruitment are almost inevitable nowadays. Let us summarize briefly where to start. The following articles will explain in detail what are the best social media recruitment strategies. Follow us or subscribe to news (below the article) and we will send you our case study straight away.

Lay the Foundations

1. Analyze existing sources providing you with resumes – maybe you keep using “Jobs.cz”, maybe you have added some other job portals over time. Or you might advertise on Facebook. I consider an announcement, published on various career websites, as a matter of course. Is it your “standard”? OK, let’s carry on.

2. Think long and hard how the message recipient perceives your idea and who should be attracted. You aren’t really going to search for a non-existent “Superman”, are you? Does the conveyed information speak the language of a perfect person for the job? Do the first opening lines of the advertisement rightly emphasize what the particular person would do in the company and what would make him/her valuable to you? Doesn’t your message deliver irrelevant information, such as about perks, which are not recognized as perks anymore (notebook, telephone….)? Or does it contain general and empty words, such as “we are a young, dynamic company”?

(JFYI – if you are a “young, dynamic company”, according to Google.com you belong among at least 2,590 Czech companies. Well, it might need something more original.)

3. Career websites are cornerstones of successful online marketing. It is the place where the specific job candidate faces your company for the first time, though only in an online world. To publish a mere list, comprising unfilled vacancies, on websites is no longer sufficient. Show something from the atmosphere in your company, future colleagues. Make a pleasant online presentation on your company. Don’t you know how to do it? We can help you with that.

4. Start to communicate with your website visitors before they send you their CVs. How? Your social media advertising should target an audience visiting your websites in recent weeks; maybe they have already been interested in your company, but the right job position has not been available then. Do not display the advertisement only; in addition, tell people how much they will like their job in your company, that you will respond to their demands and, for example, you will amend some employment conditions to satisfy their needs. It actually works!

(Note: to make it work properly, your career websites must be correctly configurated. Your agency, specializing in HR marketing or OnlineHr.cz, will assist you).

5. Outline an HR strategy. In the ideal case, formulate your strategy throughout the entire year to define your allocated budgets, determine whether teams will be strengthened or just free vacancies filled etc. It is a highly complex subject, including, for instance; building an employer brand, corporate culture creation, campaign evaluation methods etc. HR recruiting strategy is the cornerstone of the creation of campaigns for the individual job positions.

Don’t worry – the sheer beauty of marketing lies in the fact that you do not need large budgets if you go cleverly about it. Register for our case study below the article.

Are you ready?

Career websites are designed and set up, recruiting strategy and marketing tools are clearly defined? Then, you can start to launch your campaign. Either by yourselves or in cooperation with your marketing department.

Perhaps this article will help you to kick off. If not, and you would need advice, please do not hesitate to contact us. Together, we will think it up!

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