Storytelling in HR

Tell Your Employees a Story about Free Job Position

Storytelling, i.e., telling stories, is a way to be different in the marketing perspective, giving rise to emotions – and the emotions sell. More and more frequently, companies start to narrate stories to show how their services work, how they have helped their customer to meet his non-standard requirement or how the company has grown. Well, if something works in marketing, why not in HR marketing?

Without any doubts, the video is the most effective storytelling weapon.

For example: let’s imagine the story of a young boy whose great dream was to operate a locomotive. As a little kid, standing in his grandmother’s garden, he patiently watched the railway line level crossing and loved to pretend to be a train conductor. When his parents took him for a little ride – wow, it was the highest award. When an engine driver lent him his cap in one station, overwhelming joy of the boy moved his Mum to tears.


Film shot: a man, characteristically wearing a train operator’s cap, gives the audience a hint that the little boy has already grown up. He will sit in the driver’s compartment of the locomotive and toot happily. He is happy because he does what he loves. Be as this young boy. It is possible!

By videostory communication, you can transform many job positions into dream jobs. Will you go at it?

In OnlineHR, we will help you to do it!