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we will help you to recruit prospective employees!

21st Century Recruitment Trends

Find your future employees on-line. Your potential employees are online, waiting for the right opportunity. We will help you to find, impress and address true professionals.

HR Marketing is Not a Science

For several years already, we do know what we do, and we show excellent results. We will help you with complex setting-up of your HR marketing.

Employer branding

Do you build your employer brand’s appeal also to your future employees? We will give you advice on how to fully utilize social media and other online channels!

Become Again an Employer Who Can Choose from Job Seekers!

The time, when companies could pick the perfect candidate, is long gone. Today, the situation of the overwhelming majority of companies has changed completely. We can often hear the complaint: “Not enough people”. Well, there are people available; it is only necessary to keep up with the times and search for job candidates in another manner – in the online world and social media. Online HR will assist you!


We train HR departments of companies and HR managers. We organize purely practical workshops full of tips, advice, and instructions which you can apply instantly. Larger companies outsource all HR marketing and social media marketing to us.

Get Started with Modern HR. We Will Show You How To

We Will Analyze Your Campaigns

Is your recruitment campaign already running on social networks, but you do not know whether you lead it correctly? We will take a look and offer you recommendations.

We Will Wake Up Your Social Media

Are you afraid to use social networks or just do not know how to cope with them? We will set the target and show you how through consultations or time-limited administration.

Do You Evaluate Your HR Campaigns?

Do you not measure the success of your recruitment campaigns? Then you can hardly see what works, or not. The thing which is not measured does not exist at all. Our analysis will provide you with data instead of subjective impressions.

We Will Make HR Processes Automatic

We will use chatbot, we will address and communicate with job applicants automatically. Without wasting your time. Would you like to see it? Contact us!

Mentoring and Consultation

Do you not know how to set onboarding in your company? How to hold an interview or write a job advertisement? Trust in us and our care – we will teach you all necessary.

It Really Works

Our team groups twenty specialists. We take care so as every single crown, invested into HR marketing, delivers you relevant CV resumes – and, finally, quality employees. Try us!

Our lectures and workshops, organized at our clients

Recruitment in the 21st Century;
Really “Not Enough People”?

Misunderstanding about the current problem of the labor market often leads to the impression that there are not enough people. Not that all of them would “vaporize”, but nobody sends you any CVs. Or at least somebody relevant, adequately educated or experienced.

However, we have a different opinion, confirmed many times. There are people, but not wandering the free market, but working for another company. I.e., instead of desirable people, irrelevant job seekers keep contacting you again and again. How to force an adequate quantity of quality applicants to be interested in work for your company?

Change your thinking. Think strategically. A person, you want to employ, most probably works for another company. However, maybe he or she is not satisfied with their job, and you must attract him/her.

How? Introduce him/her to your company, product, job or corporate culture. Alternatively, you can draw his/her attention with another “trigger” or impulse, which will awaken his/her curiosity to learn something more about you. Think of anything that your company can offer to the specific applicant. If a potential employee visits your web sites, you are already halfway there.

Do you not know how to start? We do. Let us help you.

A Case Study

In 20 days, we received 35 relevant curriculum vitae resumes applying for a highly specialized job position with the total costs of only CZK 8,000. We could choose from highly qualified job candidates. Would you like to know how we did it?

Send us your email address and we will send you our case study by return!